Once home of the Hard Rock Blog, this space has been expanded in focus and is now titled the Intellectual Works Blog.  Here is a post I made on the venerable Ars Technica site that encapsulates the type of content I hope to provide moving forward:

I’m sure you’re smart enough to know the difference between tangible goods and intellectual works. A wallet is not equivalent to the design of a wheel.

I consider Internet piracy a form of civil disobedience, even if it means millions of teenagers are getting something for nothing. The fact is that copyright law, DMCA provisions, EULAs, etc have been crafted with big business interests only. The public has been treated like a non-player simply because we don’t have the lobbyist money that billion dollar businesses can afford.

There is no absolute right to controlling intellectual works, and in fact such laws go against the natural human spirit. Everyone shares jokes, quotes, and good ideas. How is it that this basic instinct to share has been so forcefully prohibited by fancy lawyers and businessmen?

I don’t argue that copyright and patent law has been beneficial for society at large, but clearly the balance between creator rights and public rights has been lost. And since we cannot compete with big content’s large coffers, we are left with the tools of the unrepresented: civil disobedience and protest.

Thanks for your visit.  -Som


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